A line of products created for those who cannot eat gluten but do not want to forgo the pleasure of a scrumptious snack!

As of today feel free to eat without sacrificing great taste! Misura’s Liberidì product line offers two snacks created precisely for those who must avoid gluten. Two crunchy biscuits you bite into them, scrumptious and soft when you reach the filling inside.

The surprise is double with Misura: one snack is filled with scrumptious cocoa filling and another snack is filled with apples, perfect for enjoying on a break… Surprise your palate!

Liberidì has been awarded certification by the AIC, Associazione Italiana Celiachia/Italian Celiac Association, and precisely for this reason it is a licensed product of the Spiga Barrata brand. The Spiga Barrata represents the highest guarantee of safety and suitability for the diet of celiac consumers.